Blocs 3 is Here


After fiddling around with version 3 I am getting used to th new UI.
For sure a bit to learn, espacially using the potential of the left blocs structure.

Very happy to see tabs and accordeons now, only styling them is not yet very convenient (tabs - the grey border and how to style an active tab).
Hope this will be easier in near future.

The fact, that the colour of hamburgers can not be changed is also an unexpacted surprise as the subclass is still there, but without any effect.

Hoping the best after @Norm had a little rest and gets new ernergy.


Thanks for supporting my work! Stay tuned for lots of super helpful videos :slight_smile:


I ordered mine, but wait for the validation from Paddle. I hope I’ll have it soon.
Can’t wait!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ll pull those old classes from the manager library in the next build.

You can toggle the colour with the basic bootstrap theme control. It’s available on the nav Brics options.

Lots of initial improvements on route.


Sure you are aware and no daubt you will fix things - as you always do :+1:
I don´t quiet understand by now aht you mean with “toggle via nav bric option” but there is no hurry for me.
I will set up my project besides version 2 as there is still a lot to learn on v3.

BTW, @Bill gave great support on desining the tab bric.

Enjoy your well diserved weekend


Thanks for the great work! One suggestion: I was hoping for an improved lightbox with the possibility to include more than one image without having them all on one page and setting them to hide. Would make building a portfolio page a lot easier. :slight_smile: Any chance of seeing that feature in the future? Or am I missing something that’s already there?


Congrats, @Norm and all the team who works on Blocs ver. 3! I have seen the introduction video! Wow! :ok_hand:


Which parts of the UI are you referring to here? The class editor window or page settings or both? Did you know you can also add page attachments such as CSS and JS by just dragging them into the page to, they get auto added to page settings.


Hi @Norm, congrats on the new release. It Rocks! :yum:

I’m mainly referring to the Page Settings where it say’s “add custom code to head & body”. I like this feature, although I realize it’s mainly used to add additional HTML and not so much for styles and js.

But it’s really useful to have a similar (or the same) panel that’s fewer clicks away and can stay open while you work. That can override pages (both individually and globally). This is actually pretty standard in CMS themes.

 1. It could be fast, semantic, and exportable. 
 2. It could have live update as you write classes.
 3. Since you've added data-attributes (and thank you BTW!) I image the demographic for that are a bit more code savvy. I think that group will also love this functionality. 

As for the attachments.
That’s really cool, I didn’t know about the Drag & Drop. I use the attachments for sure, but I’d love the ability to reorder them.

Good Luck with everything!


Well, well, well… I watched that video and… i can’t wait to get my hands dirty with Blocs 3


Can we have a CSS editor or some kind so we can see the css code of selected object before it is exported? Will be awesome so for those who are into codes can meddle with the styles in there and not through the UI.


Yeah more CSS controls and features coming next year.


If you want a full overview of new features…!!!

There’s nothing about the new features on that link. Can u please provide a valid one. Thank you.


there is a video on that page that walks you through the new stuff.


Quick update on this, support has been added in 3.1


Excellent ! :wink:


Looking forward to this. Amazing to reach a genuine 3.1 with such speed of development.


While everyone was taking time off, it looks like you were hard at work. :slight_smile:


That looks fantastic, again a time saver, cant wait to use it soon ( need it :smiley: )


Thanks Norm!