Blocs 3 - Modal?

Does Blocs 3 support the bootstrap modal feature?

I am looking to target a text link that would result in opening a modal. Is this possible?


Here a first attempt.

It is a custom bloc where you can change the inner content. (13.8 KB)

You then have to add a button somewhere with this attributes

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Thanks for doing this @webplus

When I double click the .blc file it doesn’t recognize and asks me what program to use

Hello @bourne, you have to copy the folder in YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Blocs 3/ blocs/

I wonder why this was not part of the app since is been in Bootstrap 3.

Can @Norm make it into a bric in next update?

This is great @webplus. Works perfectly.

I cannot seem to edit the contents of the modal bloc however ??

I just tried this and I cannot edit the content either, but more strangely it’s completely blank when previewed.

Hmm, very strange, the modal class on the div is causing this.

Remove the modal class for editing the content, and then put it back. It is a bootstrap class, I unfortunately do not have a better solution until now.