Blocs 3 Newbie - Pulse Integration Questions


Okay, after years of using Rapidweaver (over 200 websites), I’m trying Blocs 3 for the first time, and trying to get a handle on the workflow with Pulse 5. I have built over 25 websites with the Rapidweaver/Pulse CMS integration, and love Pulse, but stuck on a few little things here with my first try with Blocs.

A couple of “Blocs/Pulse newbie” questions:

  • in Blocs, when wrapping a content element in a “Pulse Block” you enter a “Block ID.” With Rapidweaver, to reference a folder, and then the block you just do something like this “blockfoldername/blockname” but with Blocs, there doesn’t seem to be a way to reference a folder… even if you put a “/” in it changes it to a “-” and every block just ends up in the main “Blocks” folder… How do I reference a folder in Blocs 3?
  • Also, how do I add other Pulse tags in Blocs 3? I tried using a “Code Widget Bric” and just adding a Pulse tag inside it, but that didn’t seem to work…
  • One unrelated question - I tried adding a “Masonry Gallery” bric to a page. I added all my jpeg to the asset folder, but all “portrait” mode pics are showing as “landscape” photos in the asset manager… How do I rotate them?


  • Raimo


Okay, I figured out a work around for the first two Pulse questions

How to add Pulse compatible “Blocks” that can be nested in folders

  • don’t use the Blocs 3 “Pulse Bric”
  • instead use a “HTML Widget” and put in the regular Pulse tags for your blocks {{block:folder-name/block-name}}
  • AND this seems like it will also embed whatever other Pulse tags you want. I tried it with a Pulse {{masonry:galname}} tag on this test page


Thanks for sharing!