Blocs 3 Review

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share with you the new video I have created about Blocs.



Well done my friend. A very factual and fair review. You are the Blocs Master.


Excellent open and honest review on Blocs 3. :slightly_smiling_face:

WOW! DOUBLE WOW! Excellent video! I am really impressed with the quality of your shots showing the app. The app scenes on the Macbook don’t look like they were filmed with a camera. Did you 3-D render all of that?

Also: great, un-biased and “unpushy” sales presentation!

One selling point you left out though: since I’ve been using Blocs my HTML & CSS skills have gone through the roof :wink:

And last but not least: what the heck kind of LG monitor do you have? That thing has some serious real estate !

Hi Gary,

The impressive video shots of the app are from the official Discover Blocs 3 video. I don’t know how to create something like that )))

Good point on the improving skills thing, I agree.

As for monitor, it is 34-inch Ultra Wide monitor I hook up with my 12-inch MacBook when I am at home. It allows me to place two or even three full size windows on one screen.

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i have my reservations though about using a curved monitor for graphic design. Have you had any problems ?

It’s not a curved monitor. Never tried curved myself.