Blocs 3 Sub Class for hamburger

Can’t seem to get the Special Navigation Background sub class to apply the changes to a new blocs 3 project, however it does seem to work with a project that was migrated from blocs 2 to blocs 3.

Anyone else having any issues with the Special Navigation sub classes using Blocs 3?

Hello @eagle, for it in a fast test it is working in Blocs 3. Which Nav toggle style do you have selected?

I had the dropdown menu selected, but I changed it to sidebar menu and it works fine. Looks like some sort of bug as I look back I have changed the dropdown menu before as well as when I changed it from dropdown to the sidebar menu the sub menus look like they were behind the sidebar menu. Although I could not see them if I click on the small space showing at the edge it would execute the appropriate action.

Compare the two images below. The one on the top is sidebar and the one on the bottom is dropdown.



This is fixed with the 3.0.4 update that came out today.