Blocs 3 Tap - Colour changing of thin gre line

Does anyone already know how to change the colour of the thin grey line in the tab bric?
I can´t find a subclass so I did a work around, but that´s not really nice.


Try class: {border-color: #top #sides #bottom}
#bottom color should be whatever you background color is so it ‘disappears’

.nav-tabs {border-bottom: 1px solid #color}

Have fun.


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Tanks for the answer.
Where should this be aplied to, List Item, Content, Code area or after export?

Whish this would be possible within blocsapp.


You can apply the style change by going into the Class Manager click the + and enter the class: and click Add Class & then in Class Editor change the top right left and bottom margin color (red in this example) w/ width of 1px on each one.

Similarly, add nav-tabs in Class Manager & then change color & set top/left/right to width 0 & bottom to 1px.

Then in Page > Settings > Add Code button, put this css code:
#ff0000 (red) for desired color & 3rd #ffffff (white) to hide bottom border.

You’ll have to preview to see it.

Have fun.



Thank you so much Bill, this works like a charme. :partying_face::+1:

Also saw your video yesterday, nice idea and good stroll around version 3.

Have fun too!

Hi! I was trying to do the same thing on my project but it didn’t work!
Im trying to have this result so when I click on the button the bottom border change

Any idea of why isn’t working? I mean I can do it on a normal button but not on this one!