Blocs 3 wishing list for designers


Problem with Sparkle is, it’s not great at responsive design. You need to do a lot of extra work to get things right on various screens.

It offers freeform but it’s at the cost of productivity and code structure quality.

They also don’t even have their own forum, which is not great for its users, because they have to come and post in ours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes … Blocs (quick, rigid structure, responsive) & Sparkle (more time consuming, free-form canvas, adaptive) are polar opposites. I feel Blocs is far ahead, but I’d love to see some free-form, creative, structure-breaking, abilities for Blocs in the future … for true creative freedom.


Ha. I love seeing people come from things like Adobe Muse and think that is how real websites are developed. There is a reason it is no longer being worked on by Adobe. It was a horrendous way to make websites. Was a nightmare to work with, and anyone other than the tinkering or making $50 websites for their friends would steer really far away from it.

Blocs uses a far more standard framework approach. The html box model is far better for creating actual, functional designs.

Just because you’re a designer does not mean you’re entitled to use those same skills as a developer. Learning is your tool. When did that stop being a thing?

Forget everything you know about Adobe Muse because that is only going to get you into trouble when trying to make anything practical and functional. Get to learning the software because that is kind of how it works, no? How did you become a designer?

All I am gathering by reading between the lines is “I wish this software was like something completely different because I can’t do it and am to cheap to pay for similar competitors that DO work like Muse such as Weebly and Wix.”

You’ve got choices ma, Dude. Making ridiculous wishes won’t fix learning something new.


I completely agree with you. This is basically the message I am trying to pass to people. Learn what Blocs does well, and then use this knowledge to create far better and cleaner code websites than Muse has ever did.

I talk about how I came to understand this in this video.


Thanks for the url. I’ll take a look at it. Also, thinking about jumping on those Blocs courses you’ve got so I don’t have to dig through it all myself. Video learning is where it the best way to learn in my opinion - and what this person, and anyone else wanting to learn something more rapidly should look for. There’s infinite knowledge out there. Find what works for you and absorb it!

Good luck on your Blocs 3 content!


Thank you, Darien! If you ever need to know something, but it is not in my videos, I am always happy to jump into a screen-sharing session to help you!