Blocs 4.0.3 Beta Build 1

Here is the first Blocs v4.0.3 beta, it has various minor fixes and tweaks. Like 4.0.2, it does include a temp function to address an issue regarding large file sizes, that appears to have been carried over from Blocs v3.

Large File Issues
If you are running a project with embedded assets you may have recently noticed that the file size may be inflating. This is caused by some duplicate asset data being written into the files, the initial cause has been patched in 4.0.2 but it wont automatically correct files that have the extra data in them.
I’ve added a temp feature that can be access via the main menu Beta > Remove Duplicate Embedded Assets. This function will remove all the duplicate data from files if there is any and let you know how much it removed.

If you use this feature please make sure you make a backup before as it is a beta stage feature and may cause issues (better to be safe than sorry).

Have great weekend :beers:

Download Blocs 4.0.3


Hi @norm, the Recaptcha field disappeared in preview and after uploading. Forms send are not received. When inspecting the element it’s still there.

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Does it show on the blocs design canvas?

Hi @norm, Yes it does.

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Hi Norm, I tried the new beta on my M1 but still crashes. Seems to be when and do an undo


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Thanks ray I’ll keep working on getting that fixed up.

Is the inspector logging an errors on the live site ?

Hi @Norm, I don’t see any errors. The site is exported with 4.0.3 b1 is uploaded here: The same Blocs file exported in 4.0.2 is uploaded here:

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Thanks If you could keep those live for a few days I’ll find the cause.

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Hey @Norm, i have some issues in Blocs 4 and in the Beta. Items i a card aren’t clickable:

I found the issue. there is a problem with the z-index.

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Is the problem coming from your own classes? Have you touched a-index at all?

Not sure if this was already known but v4.0.2 dock icon seems to change size.

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 7.55.13 PM

Looks like you have some kind of JS error on the page. I’ve followed it up in your ticket.

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Yes, this is a pain and only crops up randomly. Im still unable top track the cause.

A restart will correct it.

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Hi @Norm, Thanks for solving the issue in 4.0.3!

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