Blocs 4.1.1 beta build 4

Hey everyone, here is the fourth beta for Blocs 4.1.1.

I decided to give this version another week of testing before it goes live. This build has a few more fixes added for various issues.

Have fun!

Don’t forget to refresh your browser :+1:
Download Blocs 4.1.1 Beta Build 4


I like this one. “Improved how Modal interactions and ID’s are handled when elements that contain them are duplicated.”


This is a very minor bug that I have already reported to Norm privately, but I present it to you gentlemen for confirmation because Norm cannot reproduce it.

  1. Launch 4.1.1b4
  2. New document.
  3. Create a Column & Paragraph.
  4. Inside that Paragraph, type “Line 1.” and press Return.
  5. Type “Line 2.”
  6. Triple-click “Line 1.” to select it.
  7. Make it a Span.
  8. Do you see a SINGLE SPACE at the end of “Line 1.”? A space was not there before you made it a Span. (You pressed Return immediately after typing the period when you composed that line.) I am seeing the added space on High Sierra when I triple-click and make that entire line a Span.

@JDW. Yes I see that too, in the HTML the span is correct though

I notice you can edit the text and remove that mystery space on the canvas. Strange.

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Hi Norm,

About modal, not really a bug because it does not affect the proper functioning of the modal.

I had to change the ID name of a modal in the layer tree.

But the modal ID name isn’t updated in the dropdown interaction menu of the button.

OS Catalina with 4.1 and even in last beta.

Yeah that’s not a function. Layer names, once edited no longer sync with classes and IDs.

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@Norm, I am noticing that sometimes I can not copy and paste any more in Blocs, and randomly it seems I can not tab through settings in the side panel, and other times I will no problems.

Seems hit and miss?

macOS Big Sur V 11.2.2


I noticed the same this morning in regards to copy / paste. It would not allow me to paste a piece of code in the project page header. Initially I thought the problem was sitting behind the screen and needed more coffee.
Latest Big Sur / M1 Mini.

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Can anyone assist me in what is new in this in the latest update please :slight_smile:

What the below means exactly?

’ Scroll to the selected UI item in Bric Builder ’

Thank you!

I would assume it is for when you are creating custom Brics, other than that, I’ve no idea!