Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 1

It’s here folks, the first beta of Blocs 4.1. This release features a nice mix of new features we think many of you will love!

The main Spotlight feature is the new ecommerce interactions, simply add your Stripe, Ecwid, Gumroad, Snipcart or Paddle credentials and product info and Blocs will handle the rest. These new interactions make creating an online store a breeze!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your continued support! :beers:

Download Blocs 4.1


@Thanks norm, some nice editions…

I see how they all work except the following.
Added font display option to Class Editor.

Could you supply a little more info on this new feature?


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Hey @eagle,

Quick over-view of font-display can be found here

@Norm, great way you have integrated the ecommerce. Stripe and Gumroad are great for me.


Was the Beta withdrawn? When I go towards I’m getting:

" Blocs Beta

There are currently no beta

builds of Blocs at this time."

Nope just cache on your browser :sunglasses:

Strange behaviour… still got the same page after command+R in Safari, but got it directly in Chrome. Must be safari acting up again. Thx!

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Font swap is something used to stop fonts flashing while they are loading. It’s an optimisation option Google recommends so if you get that warning from Google Speed insights you can now apply the rule.

As for background blend mode, make sure there is a background colour applied to the same layer to see the combination.

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That new auto-generation feature of WordPress theme required pages is something small but an oh so welcome addition. Brilliant work @Norm!


Yeah it makes starting a theme from scratch that bit faster :sunglasses:


Hi @Norm, There seems to be an issue with the reCAPTCHA bric in 4.1
When adding it it’s not showing up in preview. When exporting the site reCAPTCHA is still not showing but it is functioning as I can’t submit the form. It gives the error message: “Please check the captcha checkbox”
Now, when I open the same blocs file in 4.0.4 the reCAPTCHA bric is there and after exporting it works.
When I now re-open the file (after saving in 4.0.4) in 4.1 reCAPTCHA is visible and it works without issues.

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Ok thanks I’ll check that

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Agree 100% Very cool @Norm! :+1:


Thanks Malachiman…

I also read the following article from google which helped as well.



Thats a much better reference :wink:

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This is great Norm! Especially the ecommerce has my full attention. Hopefully I have some time in the upcoming week to figure it all out… (Unless Eldar beats me to it…) :crazy_face:

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Depends on when Blocs 4.1 will be officially released :slight_smile:
Have a great weekend everybody!


“Added ability to remove all unused assets.”

Holy Cow! I wasn’t expecting that. Wow! That’s superb! I’m doing a little dance of celebration right now. Yipee! :man_dancing:


Read about ability to remove unused assets, too! Great!
Wanted to transfer my personal site to 4.1 when it comes out.
Hopefully this works also on hosted assets, lets see…

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Oh no @JDW… it only works on Big Sur!!!


Jokes aside, I knew you would love this!

All these great feature additions were a Big SURprise, actually. A very pleasant surprise! :slight_smile:

By the way, to get the best Google Page Speed Insights score, it’s important to note that Google prefers SWAP over the other 3 choices for some reason. You can read more about that here:

It’s also important to note that you will often get flagged by Google for Font Awesome fonts too, but those cannot be set to SWAP, and even if you could set that, there is nothing to swap with.