Blocs 4 and ACF

Hi everyone,

has anyone tried using ACF with Blocs 4?


Haven’t tried it yet, still working on my first Blocs4 Plus built theme, but in theory you shouldn’t even need it. Blocs4 Plus has support for custom post types built in.

Haven’t, but it will definitely work. With ACF, the theme just has to support custom post types and plugins. That’s pretty much it.

There’s always things Blocs can do like add some functions in the theme by default etc, but the only requirement is that the theme support custom post types and plugins with it currently does in the new Blocs 4.

ACF, Woo Commerce etc. are going to be the same answer. and these are so standard in a WP build nowadays, that I am recommending to @Norm to look at it when the time is right. I mean the actually took the custom post type out of WP core some time ago so yeah… ACF for life :wink: :grin:

The place where things start to get sketchy as far as what Norm will be able to really promise is WP theme editors. That’s when the Theme would actually need to be specifically tailored to support these lets say “moving targets”. If it were me I wouldn’t support them because they are all bloated and Blocs is clean and different in that regard. Blocs themes have the potential to be much faster than a WP theme builder site. I’m talking by a big margin.


No way we can leave ACF behind. Buying a them that doesn’t support ACF is like…

Buying a them that doesn’t support ACF!!! :joy:

Brilliant in-depth reply, as always, @Whittfield. Nice!

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Thanks buddy,

Did I mention how much I liked your site design? If not I meant too. Have a great day!

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Is afc only WordPress reltated?

Yes it’s a custom post-type plugin. It’s required by some plugins. as it’s the way they get custom post types into a pre-existing theme.

A Blocs theme would be a pre-existing theme once it’s distributed.

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ACF is generally for custom fields, not Custom post types. ACF Extended adds the ability to add CPTs. Regardless ACF can be added using custom fields data.

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you’re right I misspoke. It’s been a few months since last WP project.

Thanks for the clarification. :wink:

Like you, I’d very much like to know if ACF fields can pulled into the Data list?

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