Blocs 5.0.3 Released

We have just released Blocs 5.0.3, you can read the full details here.

You can use the in-app update to update your copy of Blocs.

Whats next? :eyes:
Blocs 5.0.4 beta build 1 will be released this Wednesday with the next batch of fixes and improvements.


Thank Norm, a lot of good updates. On the image scale feature, The Nav Bar image does have the scale feature? I’ve had a problem with that scaling correctly in version 5. Is it possible to add that to the Nav image?


Right now there are no plans to bring this feature to that part of Blocs. Buts its likely I’ll get that fixed up so it doesn’t effect the nav logo image.

Are you finding that the image is being distorted on different breakpoints?

Yes, it’s fine until I get to mobile. Then it’s distorted.


Any chance you can share a link?

I found the problem, I chose 100px wide for the logo. Every break-point in Nav Brand showed just 100px wide, the small breakpoint showed 100px, and added 50px tall. Once I deleted the 50px tall, it displayed correctly. Not sure how that happened. On the main canvas, it shows 100px wide and 45px tall.


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