Blocs 5.0.5 - Beta Build 3

Hey everyone, here is the third beta of Blocs 5.0.5. This release includes a number of bug fixes and even more new additions to the developer tools/functions used to create custom Brics.

Have fund.

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser :eyes:

Download Blocs V5.0.5 beta Build 3


Excellent. That bric opened nicely Norm, thanks.

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Shouldn’t this read Build 3 ?

Yeah I fixed that.

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I just discovered that if in File > Project Settings > Typography a font is assigned to let’s say paragraph. And a user selects a different font in a custom bric, then the different font is not added to the head.

Note: If I remove the font assigned to the paragraph in Typography, then the font style for the different font from the custom bric is added to the head.

So, it appears that the font selected in a custom bric isn’t being picked up and added to the head when it’s different.

Blocs Beta

There are currently no beta

builds of Blocs at this time.

@KBConcepts There is no beta, 5.0.5 has been released as a stable build. Norm will close this thread soon.

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What do you mean the head? Are you referring to Google font link in the site header

@Norm Yes, the google font link in the site head section.

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