Blocs 5.1 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone, here is the first beta of Blocs V5.1.0. This release has a range of major new features, including custom Bloc Bar library support, project note window typography controls, favourite Bloc reordering plus lots more.

Have a great weekend :sunglasses: :beers:

Don’t forget to hard reload your browser :eyes:

Download Blocs V5.1.0 beta Build 1


Hey, @Norm.
The S+W crashes are back on the Intel so it’s definitely a beta issue. As suggested I tried renaming (removing all dots and hyphens) :sunglasses: but no luck.

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Try naming it just Blocs and placing it on your desktop, then running.

No Luck as it keeps crashing.

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Wow what an update. Only had a short test so far but the new CSS Grid features have moved Blocs to a new level.

Really looking forward to throwing some challenging layouts at this.

Being able to see a true WYSIWYG live update of a templated grid is a very powerful feature.



I notice if you use text clipping, and add a span, the text is hidden on the canvas. It shows in preview correctly though. Problem is only on the design canvas.

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Could you send me a copy of that please?

I can’t send you the project, but when I go to save it as a bloc, the h2 class doesnt show up to add :rofl:

Hey, @Norm.

I got a Bloc which magically disappeared from the layer tree and therefore can’t be modified anymore :thinking:

Try switching to another page then back again, that will force the tree to refresh.

Unfortunately no luck. I’ve tried restarting as well with the same result. I’ll PM you the file.

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