Blocs 5.2.4 extension updates

Is anyone else experiencing updating not stopping? I am on a Gigabit connection and have waited 5 minutes.
Also, when opening the extension manager, there is no indication Blocs is checking or downloading. Seems strange. Are we suppose to click something?

Have not seen any of that?

Rich the Weather Guy

Mine keeps telling me there are updates- then nothing happens. No spinning wheel, no progress bars, no icons changing.
But I can use the programme without any trouble.

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Which is why I started this post.

The checking for updates text at the bottom of the window might not be accurate. Norms made changes.

Click the circular icon next to the minus icon. That should run the check for updates.

It was slow for me today. But then that could be a number of things outside Blocs as it has to check each bric on the devs servers.


I always see that there is an update for “Volt Content (1.8.0) : BlocsAddons” but it never updates.

Didn’t hear about this before, so I guess it’s a local issue. You’re able to re-download the latest version on and reinstall this one bric manually.

Still not having any issues?
Not complaining… :wink:

Rich the Weather Guy

My only issue now is that iget a popup stating that there is an update, but scrolling through the endless lest of brics, blocs end pages and I can’t find the item that needs an update…

I got a notification of a bric update today too, but does not show any pending bric updates in Extension Manager list. I then clicked the reload icon in top right of Extension Manager, which caused the update search process to start. A pending bric update was found (Easy Burger 1.2.1 to 1.3.0). I did the update and it completed normally, I closed the project, then reopened the project and got the attached popup. I clicked “Update All”, saved the project and exited the project. All working fine now.

Hope this helps others.


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I don’t know what is going on, Blocs report there are updates, but there is zero indications that extension are needing updating. What happen to the bottom text showing needful information?

Did you follow the procedure listed in my previous post after receiving notice of a bric update?

Yes, it took a long time. Considering I have gigabit speed, it seems strange. Also do not see a animated bar or some other indicator.

Your connection to your IP is only one part of many. Updates is checking the developers server of each bric and checking for an updated version. There could be many reasons something has stalled.