Blocs 5 publishing to server not working

@Norm Is it possible to see somewhere whats going wrong or missing? I have the same issue. Publish to the server and returns with an error. But not knowing what is the error. By the way, tried everything to see if something helps.
Idea: I’m also using Rapidweaver and when you fill in your credentials to uploud to, you also have a “test connection” button. Maybe that is an idea for next update?
Greetz Jeroen

Yeah good call @Jkotterlink1964 - I always used to use the test connection before I clicked upload.

Got it watch this space.

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Unfortunately the same problems here. Only passive FTP works :frowning:
Cyberduck, FTP in terminal and WebFTP works without issues in SFTP mode. Seems to me that log in is not the problem. No error recorded in log files .

Blocs 5.0.1 will introduce a few improvements to Publishing

  1. Ability to toggle password field security.

  2. Ability to test connection

Hoping to have beta 1 out before the end of the week.


Thanks, Norm, that’s an excellent step forward. Down the road, it would be nice if you could duplicate a publish connection and rename it. I didn’t see that option.



Also, down the road, might be nice to identify a default server setting to be used with a given project. That way, less likely to make an incorrect server selection during Publish.

Thanks for all the efforts by your team!