Blocs 5 - Two Macs?

I just thought that Blocs can be installed on two Macs, does the Licence model changed? When I tried to install it on the second Mac, the activation-manager told me that this License code has been already utilizied:

Yes it has changed, all details here.

You have superpowers using 2 comps at once. For us mortals we transfer the licence to other computers as we can handle only 1 computer at a time. :wink:


Your comment is a bit cynical, isn’t it ?

As a freelancer, I have my iMac 27 and a MacBook. And I’m often using one or the other. For instance I take the MacBook to clients and change things or make corrections directly in Blocs. Or when out for the week-end, I keep on working in Blocs on the MacBook.

Having to activate and de-activate licence is really a bad compromise.

Nowadays, using almost everyday 2 computers is nothing special and rather normal. I feel that the new licensing model make us «hostage» for people that would buy one licence and share with someone else. Most of other applications are useable on two computers.

As most of the time with software, people who really use it buys it and those who don’t want to spend won’t spend either for half a licence.

OK I start with complaint as I did not yet tried Blocs 5. Compliments will come later :sweat_smile: and I wish a good launch to Blocs 5.


here too, 2 MacBooks and local devices. awkward that you can not switch the license remotely. You go out of the house to the customer take the Macbook with you and then realize that the MacPro still has the license. Since you come to deactivate but only back to it when you’re back in the office. That was more elegant before…

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Well I guess you have superpowers. Since you never forget to deactivate the license on your desktop-mac when leaving the house, but you still can deactivate it from far away (let’s say in that train taking you to another country) after you spin up your laptop and want to work with Blocs on the go …

Seriously very disappointed with this change.

I used Blocs since version 2, upgraded to 3 for US$48.00; then upgraded from version 3 to 4 for US$50.00; and now version 4 to 5 upgrade cost is US$55.00. I dont mind paying.

But now I cannot install on 2 Macs?

Seriously NOT upgrading right now. I’ll stick with version 4.


Just wanted to upgrade as I realized that the license model has changed.
So for the moment I will not do the update.

Would be great if you can rethink the new license model.
I have installed Blocsapp v4 on my MacBook and my MacMini in the office, as it is more or less considered as usual today.


Then Blocs 4 is also enough for me for now. It’s too much for me to buy two licenses. Too bad because 5 looks wonderful. Maybe later then.

Please don’t hate me but it’s worth double what Norm is charging, we’re fortunate to have BLOCS 5, can you imagine the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that has gone into this :face_with_monocle: a shame but that’s life.


I’m not asking for free upgrade.
I’m not using 2 Blocs at the same time. Just one on my iMac in the office, and when I am out, I use it on the MacBook.
I’m not building tens of websites at the expense of the developer. If I were to make tons of money, it is due to MY hard work and time building the sites. The software does not build websites automatically.
There’s no hate. Just disappointment.

By the way, not making tons of money building websites with Blocs. It is getting harder to get clients when most go to readymade sites like Shopify, etc.


It takes about a minute to deactivate and reactivate on another machine.


As a freelancer, I also work with Mac mini in the office and MacBook Pro on the road. The whole thing reminds me of Adobe subscription, which I see coming, the only question is when. The direction is already hinted at. Shame, actually, I think Blocs is a very good app, but am sticking with version 4 for now. Let’s see what comes next.


I know.

But there are times when I forgot to do that (in the case of some other software)

Then I am stuck.

I have bought a 2nd license. The price Norm calls is really moderate from my point of view. Everywhere the subscription models are spreading, that would be much more expensive. I would have packed the possibility of use for 2 computers perhaps in the Plus package, then the possibility is there, but not for free…

If there is already so much fear that a licence will be used at the same time, the software can prevent this possibility. Then you don’t have to switch back and forth and always have that in mind.

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Just a bit, I admit - but for the price point of this package its no brainer to buy two licences - even now for that discount. I think its not breaking the budget if you depend on it.

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When I read the about 1 activation I didn’t catch it wouldn’t be for two computers like a Desktop and Laptop, that’s how I work. I was considering buying another license for a third computer before I knew this, but know it would be three times as much. Now what would really not work is we only get like 10 activation deactivation like some other companies do to their users and then make us contact the vendor to reset the activation count, so the customer gets sick of the inconvenience and buys another license.

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I totally agree. :smile: If had another MAC, I would have no issue purchasing another license and I use Blocs for fun and learning. Unlike many of you, I build for friends and family. In other words building site is not my bread and butter.


It is not a question of money. I pay much more for my Adobe CC subscription and have many other plans useful for my job. No, it is more related to trust developers put into their clients or not.

I would not mind paying a yearly subscription for Blocs. But please, be confident in your clients and grateful for their fidelity. This license model seems petty to me. I’m sorry.

I did paid for the upgrade, because Blocs is an awesome application for designing website, but not the only one and, as professional, I have anyway licenses for other applications. We, as clients, also contribute to improvement through bug reporting, advocating and so on.

Finally, what makes a product successful is its qualities, features, support and development and testimonials. People cheating is more a collateral effects but a developer should not punish everybody for that and I doubt the turnover will be significantly affected by those cheaters.