Blocs 5 website online

Finally found some time to update the website for my band. Blocs 5, OffCanvas, Anyvideo and Iconic Gallery included…
A big Thank You to Norm, Malachiman, Jannis, Eldar, Jerry and everyone else here with all the tips & tricks.
The new website:


very nice !

Love the pics too - K-Array PA system! that isn’t cheap!!! haha

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Well spotted: we have our own K-array PA system. Indeed pretty expensive, but we needed a PA system as compact as possible to save space in our truck.

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Depending on your budget, we’ve just invested in 2 x QSC CP12 speakers (a lot smaller and lighter than the QSC K12’s we used to have) and a QSC Touchmix 8 digital mixer for our 3-piece band. It’s a perfect little setup for our pub and bar gigs.
The bonus is that you can attach a hard drive to the mixer and record the stems separately to mix your own ‘live albums’ afterwards! I enjoy this bit as much as the bass playing.

No, I don’t work for QSC, but for a price to performance ratio, they’re some of the best around.


We went QCS for an install, K12s and subs. Can’t recall the subs we used now.


We had the subs as well when I was in a bigger band - did my bloody back in every time we played! Happy with the new setup now.


K12.2 and KS118 subs. It was mobile for a couple of years, then installed. Funny enough when the room was tested, we had the speakers they were going to recommend.

The install was a fun project, building renovation, sound and lighting rigging, back wall stage display, sound booth etc.

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We needed to replace our old (but beloved and hated) EAW 850 rig (3 subs + 3 tops per side) It was taking too much space in the truck and it was way to heavy to stack…
We looked at several systems including the QSC WL line array, which was very impressive. Finally we got a great deal from K-array. We now work with 2 tops and 2 subs per side and can easily manage events up to 1750 persons.


Yeah - all good speakers mentioned in the posts above.

I have used many of the QSCPLX amps over the years and still have 2 of the PLX3402 that I use as monitor amps for bands/acts as well as my Dynacord LF3600 amps which are just stunning as I have the DSP on them.

K-Array are brilliant - but the cost here in the UK is crazy money , I guess other systems in that price bracket could be L’Accoustic / Martin Audio / Meyer.

I have moved from Martin Audio about 5 years ago to Electro Voice for my speakers for band/conference/gala dinners etc. Have a good mix of passive and active 24 speakers in stock now.

If i would buy a QSC amp now I would look at the Cardioid one they do - which is compact and punchy as anything!!! Love working in Cardioid on stages, always baffles acts to why no bass and when they step off stage - BOOM!

Looks a great little mixer, I take it monitors are from 4 channels on the back? (sorry, not looked too much at it)

Yes indeed @AdieJAM. We run one wedge and 2 in ears from them. You can have different mixes in them all

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We use a GLD80 with the AR2142 expander

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Ah those Allen & Heath consoles are really fantastic!!! We use 2 Midas M32 consoles; one at the FOH and one onstage for monitor purposes.


Same here - I have M32R in stock, the compact one. I do hire in QL5’s if I need bigger.

Just saw your video section @Mattheus really impressed. I think we spoke before about the music scene, I am not doing as much as I used to but used to love working with bands in your style - Met Rick Parfitt - Status Quo and done loads with his Son (Jnr) who has an amazing touring covers band.
Did a lot of work with the Kaiser Chiefs too - not sure how big they are where you are!

But great website - I would love to see more of your live gigs on! hope you have an amazing 2023 with gigs.

great site and band sounds good too

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