Blocs AI Website Builder Wizard Bric

Recently came across a WP AI builder: and it’s interesting as there seems to be a lot of these types of AI augmented website builders since the launch of ChatGPT, LLAMA, Claude and many other LLMs.

My wishlist and hope is that the next update to Blocs 5 will either be an AI assistant or bric that you simply describe your business in your own words and it asks a few additional questions and then generates a Blocs website template that can be then edited or fine tuned by the user or the AI.

With the additional option to input and use your own ChatGPT api key or use your own choice of open source LLM.


Blocs has an AI Assistant right now, but it won’t create full web pages.

A full site builder is maybe a possibility for the future.


Yes. but you need an API Key right? Doesn’t that mean you need a paid account?

Yes it costs to use Open AI. The API option is pay as you go. So you only pay for what you use. I have soft and hard limits set up, so I get a warning before I reach my set limit. This means, I can manage costs.

Token use varies depending on the language model you use too.

You can also generate multiple API Keys. I use different keys per App, so I can stop one if I need to.

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No worries Norm. You have an incredible product, so take your time and continue building it the right way for you and your customer base.

But if you or maybe any experienced Bric developers out there can create an AI Website Builder Wizard bric I know it will be a game changer to the masses of Mac no-code web designers.

Eventually or whenever you decide to port the app to Windows with said AI Wizard bric I can definitely see your profit margins increasing exponentially as well.

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