Blocs and Hype

I have been using Hype for a while know, specially for website with a more web approach, with heavy interactions and animations.

Now, not every customer that comes to me need this, but they still like the way I deliver website content.

The things is, I don’t think the technique I use to build websites is a very good one, starting by the fact they are build using Hype.

Here are some examples of sites I made using Hype:

Now, I am trying to make the jump to Blocs in an attempt to make the process more straight forward and more compatible to the general audience since using Hype alone results in a very niche UX. For example, you can’t open any buttons on new tabs, and using the browser forward and back buttons, is… a bit strange, and the responsive side is a bit of hard work compared to blocs.

While I know some of my sites are ONLY possible using hype, I am willing to sacrifice some complexity if that means a more pleasant workflow.

So my question would be: Is it possible to build something like this? (visually speaking, I would take care of animations with Hype)

I have been able to run Hype animations inside Blocs HTML widgets, so that doesn’t seems to be a problem, but I can’t place or haven’t found a way to place, these HTML widgets as background or behind the text elements.

I am not looking for a 1:1 copy of what I do on Hype, but I am looking a way to replicate as much as posible the look of the pages from the sites I do on Hype using Blocs.

In a related note, I noticed the blocs documentation about the Hype brick, but for some reason it is not appearing to me after I drop the .hyperesources folder into Blocs

Never mind this, I found that I have to manually install these bricks from here:

Hi davidescalante,

Welcome to the Blocs Universe!

First, I really like the sites you designed in Hype. You can hardly tell that they were made with an animation program. You are definitely doing the right thing in changing over to designing “normal HTML” websites using Blocs. To answer your question: you could most definitely build the example site in Blocs - no problem (except for the animation, of course). I would definitely be able to rebuild your example in Blocs, and I am sure it would be no problem for you, too.

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Wow, thats sound cool, I trimmed the hype file so it only contains the scene (page) that I mention in my post, you can download it here:

If you don’t have hype installed, you still might be able to access to the assets using “Show package contents” on the hype file.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 6.45.35 PM

We love Hype, Blocs has dedicated support for its animations and exports.

You should find everything you need here.



Hi there!

With some help from the Tumult Hype Forums, we figured out a bug (?) with the Hype Bric. It doesn’t seem to be possible to have multiple instances of the same Hype animation in one blocs document.

Does anybody know this bug or eve a work around?


I don’t, but could the work around be as simple as duplicating your animation, so ani-1, ani-2, ani-3 etc and using the different files, although they’d all be showing the same as a single animation?

Thx, this would work, but would also be too much effort, since im working on something I need to duplicate fast and a lot. But it seems a workaround is to use the HTML Bric instead. Nevertheless it would be great id the developer could fix it.

@mr.birdy have you contacted the developer. In this case @Norm

A forum post doesn’t always get their attention.

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I commented on the Hypes Bloc Store Site since I didn’t want to make an account on the developers site, just to get a support ticket.

I hope he sees it, because right now it seems to be impossible to have a hype project designed for several breakpoints, since neither it is possible to have a dedicated instance for each breakpoints nor does it seem to support hypes internal breakpoints. So the bloc seems quiet buggy in general.

I would have thought this is a quite often used bloc, now I wonder if I‘m the only one using it :smiley: