Blocs and Pulse Blog

I use Blocks and Pulse and use the Blog system of Pulse. But when I click a Blog and click the back button I go to the main page of the blog site ( there I can see all the blog posts ) but I don’t come back to the homepage. I only can use the browser back buttons … Is it possible that the posts and the main blog page open in a new tab ?! I don’t find a solution for this problem …

thanks for your help


Hi, how is your click workflow exactly? You are in the overview of all blog posts list and click an blog post headline / read more to navigate into the post details?

If that’s the case, clicking the back button should bring you to the blog post list.

Cheers, Jannis

Hi @InStacks
thanks for your answer.
This works … when I am in the blog post list and click a heading then I am in a single post. and when I than click back I am back in the Blog post list …

But I create a one pager, and there I want to have 5 blog post and everything more than 5 goes to page 2 or 3 and so on …

But when I am on my one pager and click the heading of a post than I come to the single post …and then I click back and than I am on the blog post list … But I don’t want to have that … On this way I can’t go back to my one pager …

also when I click the numbers ( everything after 5 Posts ) I come to the blog post list … I don’t come back to my one pager …only when I use the browser back button …

Hard to explain :blush:
sorry for my bad English


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Hi @InStacks
thanks … That is also my post in the pulse forum …I have to try the tipps …
But there is no answer if it is possible to open the blog in a new tab ? Do you know this ?
I am not good with php … Inside blocks I don’t find a solution … and inside Pulse dashboard I don’t find a solution… And when it is not possible to open the blog in a new tab I will try the stuff with the back button :blush:
thanks for your help

Hi Tom, honestly I am confused how your ‘single page’ homepage looks like and why you want to open the blog in a new window. A URL to your site would be helpful.

Hi @InStacks
thanks a lot for your help. Here is the link to a new page …not ready at the moment …but okay to see the problem … on the first page I use the blog system by pulse … you see only one post …and another post on site 2 …I set this in the pulse dashboard …see screenshot …
Now, when I click an the post I come to a new site …nothing to do with my the homepage I have made …
And when I click the number “2”, I come to the main blog page …but also nothing to do with my page … and now way back …

My Questions:

  1. Is it possible to cancel the link in the heading ?
  2. Is it possible to change the font size of the heading …?
  3. Is it possible when I click the “number 2” that the post will display inside my page ? like it works with the first post ? not a extra site ?

thanks a lot for your help and a happy new year :blush:

Hello @InStacks
I checked the blog page inside the pulse dashboard … and I see that there is only a code for the blog, but no header and so on … I put that code inside ? Is this a way that I can do it ? I don’t know anything about coding :blush:



okay…I think the problem was that I have no heading and footer … so I want to open the blog on a new tab …
But with that code it works …dont know why this is not done with the export … but okay, now it works …
Only one question:

Is it possible to change the Heading Font size ? for my client it is much to big …