Blocs and PulseCMS

again a question about blocs and pulse ( the newest Blocs version and Pulse )
I do a lot of pages with some elements wrap in a pulse cms container. So the client can check inside the dashboard and change some text. In a new Tab I open the Site, and in another tab the dashboard. Make changes - look the site and refresh …perfekt.

But now when I open the Dashboard and the Site in a new tab I see inside the Website the things are wrap in pulse cms …and a header ( create new site and so on ) but I don´t want to have this ?! because it doesn’t work perfect …So the idea is good to do changes inside the page and not the dashboard , but why my other sites don’t have this but my newest ?! I think I do the same steps as I did last time …I don’t understand :thinking:
anyone an Idea? @Norm

@tom2 I already answered this over on the Pulse forum, but will do so again here.

That is the Pulse “inline editor” you are seeing. it wasn’t working until the latest version of Blocs 3.1.1 but allows logged in users to make changes right on the webpages, and not just through the Dashboard! This is a huge selling point for Pulse CMS, allowing users to make content changes right on the webpage itself.

Be aware, there are a few bugs in the Pulse 5 “In-line editor”, and the Blocs 3.1.1 exported files, something I’m trying to track down right now… For now i would just use the Pulse 5 Dashboard to make changes, and just use the “in-line” editor as a reference as to exactly which blocks need to be changed. @Norm I will be filing a bug report soon on my findings…

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Hi @Raimo
Thanks for your answer. Since when is there an in-line editor ?! :thinking: Is there no way to deactivate or so?
The reference to check what is set to pulse is okay, but I (or the client ) can’t navigate on the page within the inline editor … it is a little bit tricky :slight_smile:
Good to have one in the forum how also use blocks and pulse
Thanks again :slight_smile:

@tom2 Pulse 5 has always had an “inline editor” it just didn’t work with Blocs… there is a way to deactivate it though, in the settings, but it is actually quite useful once you get used to it.

There are a few bugs with it though right now:

  • to navigate between pages when it is open, you may have to “right click” on a menu item and hit “open in a new tab” (or window)
  • I actually create a “menu” in the Pulse “Dashboard Notes” so that the client can just click on the pages they want there
  • to save changes with the “inline editor” you have to double click a 2nd time inside the edited area, and the save menu will appear
  • this is where you have to be a bit careful right now, when using the “inline editor” instead of the “Dashboard editor” I managed to “break” the Blocs page I was editing… the inline editor works well everywhere else (other Pulse 5 Projects), but something is up with the Blocs 3/Pulse 5 inline editor right now… at least with my project

Hi @Raimo
thanks for your help. Yes , same here… the site break if I do any changes …