Blocs app, is it apple silicon ready?

Hi All,

I have been using Blocs for a while now, but just joined the forum to place this question.

With Apple releasing new products later today and the well anticipated “Apple Silicon macs” on the horizon, would blocs be ready for these new devices?

That is something that only @Norm could address.

As a massive user of apple products - at the height of purchase for our business we had:
8 x iPads (mix of standard and Pro’s)
4 x MacBook Pro’s
1 x iMac
6 x iPhones

But now I am very worried on what they are doing. As a product they are great, some huge backward thinking steps specially for the live events industry for lack of ports etc and now the possibility of alienating all other software like did with iOS and now moving this way with OS.
Apple could make some enemies with their world domination strategy of basically taking money off the poor to feed the rich. (Epic games are currently in war with Apple - which I can understand both sides of the story, but 30% is very steep)

I’m a huge apple fan - more from the Steve Jobs days - one of the icons of technology in our generation.

Let’s see what happens on this latest release !!!

I believe he is well underway heading in that direction for when it comes.

:white_check_mark: But regardless Apple will again have a transition phase just like during PPC --> Intel with Rosetta. For Intel --> Apple Silicon there is again Rosetta (II). :wink:

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Yes work is under way :+1: