Blocs app migrate proyects to new hdd

Hi good afternoon , i have an inconvinience , im currently using blocs app im my 2010 imac , i have several proyects folders , etc, so i decided to use and external hdd ssd , i already installed the same osx , and im moving all files, folders and proyects manually and i locating them in the same route , but when i opened the last proyect in which im working recently , some images doesnt load , and the icons library dissapeared , so do you know how do i fix this? I’ll really aprecciate your comments and help .

Diego Sampedro
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It sounds like you may have an issue where your user folder and applications are on different hard drives and I believe this is blocked by Mac OS as a security issue. I had this previously when my user data was on a SATA drive, while the system was on an SSD and it caused similar problems.

I see , any suggestions?

Try running Blocs from the same drive as your data. Or host your assets on a server and use live hosted assets in Blocs.

This is not directly relevant (to blocsapp), but may help you.

To stop my main system drive just filing up, I “archive” past projects to a separate drive and keep new ones on my main drive. When a project is completed and there’s no work to be done on it for a while it gets removed from my main drive and transferred to a secondary drive. I also use iCloud to hold old projects (and I have a time capsule, but that’s not so relevant to this).

Similarly when an old project needs more work, I’ll pull it off the secondary drive back to my main drive and off we go again.

Generally this strategy helps to prevent a main drive filling up and stops work in progress being spread across multiple drives. It may help your situation.