Bloc's background image?

I’ve been looking, but can’t seem to find the answer:

Can you change the opacity of a bloc’s background image, without effecting the bric & content in the bloc?


You can set opacity to the image first and when you apply it it will work. Blocs has integrated some images with alpha so if you place a color it will display the image in that color

Thanks…but I’m not quite understanding this instructions…are you saying all of this is done within Blocs?

Do you plan to animate it? If not why not just change the opacity of the image?

HI pauland – I do not plan on animating it.

However, when I change the opacity for the image placed as a background image for the bloc (not a bric or element in the bloc) using the class editor, then use the shadow tab with the opacity setting, everything within the bloc (all brics) appear to also take on the opacity setting, therefore they fade out.

I just want to isolate the the background image at the bloc level, not elements inside the bloc.

Is this feasible?

of course, I can use an image editor to change the opacity of the image, then import into blocs…but this requires continual image editing moving between two apps (Affinity Photo & Blocs) until I achieve the desired opacity outside of blocs…and then bring it into blocs…all the while I continue to make other changes (text color, sizing, etc) and so continue to need to adjust the opacity of the image to match the ongoing changes in blocs. Hope that makes sense.

If you were working in a professional design agency the design would most likely be created in an image editor and all colour choices, font choice and image choices would be created in the image editor for approval by the client, so this continual round tripping would not occur.

The background opacity of an image is not something that’s been an issue for me and generally I would import the image with the desired opacity.

I would try and make your design choices in an image editor first if you are continually switching fonts around, changing weights and changing colours,etc.

It’s convenient using blocaspp as a design tool, I do it myself, but if the choices are so critical I would make a mockup in your image editor to establish the design if working with blocsapp is an issue.