Blocs contact form and AWS lamp stack


Blocs newbie here… using the simple contact form that is included with blocs. I have successfully run this on my localhost but it is not working when uploaded to AWS LAMP STACK… any ideas?

There could be a couple of issues causing this to happen.

Some web hosts will only allow forwarding of form responses via the “send mail” function to email addresses associated with the domain. If you are using an email address outside of your own domain (gmail for example) this may be the cause of the problem. Another issue could be that the send mail function isn’t activated on your host server. In either case, it will be advisable to contact your host and ask them to check if there are any limitations or specific setting that must be set in order to get the form script working.

I’m not sure how this all equates to AWS Lamp Stack as I’ve never used it. But it does appear that it offers the same PHP services as found in normal web hosting. Best to check with AWS to see if they can give you any pointers.

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