Blocs crash when editing a bloc

Hello !
Trying to change the content of a hero-subheader bloc. As soon as I type something, Blocs crashes.
Yesterday it worked fine and I edited a complete 1 page-site without any problem. And today, impossible to work. The problem occurre only with this bloc.
Any idea ?
Running Blocs 4.5.5 on MacOS 12.6 - M1

Hi Vincent:

Can you post something for us to look at? A link, some images, something that would help the experts here in diagnosing the issue?

Rich the Weather Guy

My suggestion would be to report your bug here. Additionally, I highly recommend upgrading to Blocs 5 which was released almost 7 months ago, as it is likely that development for Blocs 4 has ceased.

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Maybe it’s the same problem I had that causes Blocks to crash when making changes to previously copied and pasted blocks or brics. This bug has been fixed in the latest beta.