Blocs -- First Use -- Unbearable & baffling flashing of images in slide show

Right out of the box I’m trying to create a slide show at the top of a test page. The slide show has 13 images in it. The images are large, edge to edge in the browser. And for some reason they are flashing, obtrusively and unbearably. All I want them to do is appear on the screen for 2 or 3 seconds and then fade gracefully to the next image. Why are they flashing? In the Animation options I have the following specifications:

Type: Appear
Style: Fade In
Direction: None
Speed: Normal
Delay: 2 sec
Loops: Infinite

I’m looking for a visual web design app that will make responsive design less than the ordeal it is. I currently use Coda. Before that I used Dreamweaver.

In addition to flashing they are sliding from right to left. I don’t want them to do that. I want them to fade. I specified fade. Why are they sliding?

I don’t want them to flash. I don’t want them to slide. Right now I have no idea what I did wrong to make them behave like this. I’ve tried on my own for about half an hour before registering here and posting this.

Help! & Thanks for your time & attention.


Hi @andy-in-MKE and welcome. Sorry to hear of your problems with the carousel.

I think you have mistaken the animation controls as exclusive to the slides in a carousel. The animation controls are actualy used to manage how an object appears on screen when it comes into view or when the mouse is over it, they won’t let you handle how the slides appear in a carousel. Use them to control how the page appears as a user scrolls down the page. I totally understand your confusion by the way.

So what’s happening at the moment is your slides have multiple animations applied causing the flashing.

We recently added some new features to the carousel that let you control slide delay and the transition style to Blocs 2.3 which has been in beta for around 6 weeks now, you should try that version, I think you’ll find these new additions make setting up the carousel a lot easier.

Download Blocs 2.3 beta here

I have slides in index, then integrated ‘Juicebox’ galleries into photos pages.
Juicebox has a bucket load of transition options.
Mine load from Flickr galleries on my page.
Is this what you are looking for?

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