Blocs for dummies

I know Norm is really busy with developing the app. But for peoples like me who are not web developer and look at the app about once a year a 101 guide with pictures and tricks would be awesome it would save a lot of time and make it even more accessible to anyone. It could be a dedicated website and work on donations. Maybe someone like bloc guy could be doing that!?




You are not alone in this assessment Matt and it was the first question I asked on the old forum the day I purchased Blocs. Norm is well aware of this problem and it partly results from the rapid pace of changes.

I expect the final version of 2.3 to become available in January and Norm says documentation will improve significantly after the release of 2.4 Blocs and inserting code from other sources

In the meanwhile it looks like we’ll have to dive in and experiment. When we break things or run up against problems we can ask here for help. I’ve searched on YouTube for tutorials but often found the interface looks totally different, even compared to Blocs 2.0.


I am glad I am not the only one. Just a bit frustrating for now. I know the app can do a lot and I don’t know how to achieve it on the short time I have.
It could be a wiki page type where everyone could collaborate. The more pictures of steps and examples the better for myself.

Totally with you on this one mattyNZ - a great idea.

Thanks mate

If you only open it once a year then you have missed a lot of time you could have been learning. Just dive in the app everyday as mush as possible, and use it more. You wont break anything, and instead you will learn by self initiation and discovery.

But yes hopefully for everyones benefit, both current and potential customers, it will become easier once much needed proper documentation, along with possible tutorials, samples files, etc., come about. Obviously many users desire and require those things and with any app they indeed should be provided as part of proper support for users.

However even with documentation, tutorials, etc., making it easier, it still takes effort and determination by each user. Effort in = results out.