Blocs for iPad V1 Beta Testing Begins 🥳

The Blocs for iPad Beta has now started, invites are going out. :tada: :sweat_smile:

If you are interested in helping to test, I recommend reading this Test Flight install guide so you can be ready to install as soon as you get the invite email.


Test Flight was already installed as soon as the live session was announced :wink:


Me too!


Had it installed from another app I was testing…

Rich the Weather Guy

@Norm , We’re waiting. :smile:

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I am ready. Using Testflight for a long time, so just send me my invite :wink:

I am Ready :slight_smile:

Like a couple of others, I already have TestFlight installed. Looking forward to getting started with Blocs for iPad.

What should I do for beta registration?

There’s a link in the Test Flight installation page, linked in the first post.

Don’t know if it’s still open to new registrations as I’ve successfully registered but didn’t get an invite for the beta.

Though it may have gotten a bit busy over the weekend, so maybe something will pop up later this week.

From what I heard, it’s going to be a slow rollout of small groups every 4-5 days until the public beta at the end of next month. Don’t quote me on that though, ask @Norm

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I’am waiting :grinning: