Blocs for Mac 5.1.3 Beta Build 1 📢

Hey everyone, here is the 1st beta of Blocs V5.1.3. This build adds support for the latest version of Bootstrap 5 as well as fixes a few bugs.

More fixes coming next week.

Happy testing :beers:

Download Blocs 5.1.3 Beta 1


Having container tags restricted to blocs is rather limiting and may even force restructuring of the page. I’d like to see that expanded so that tags could be added to individual headers etc.

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Is that a correct use case?

Assuming you want to place a mixed range of items in a bloc, then yes. Maybe we could place items in a div then have the option to apply the appropriate container tag.

Aren’t some tags only supposed to be used once per page?

That would be correct with main, or maybe article, however headers and sections can be used multiple times.

For example you might have a case like a navigation area with a header tag, along with a header text inside a bloc and an aside tag for a side menu.

The possibilities are practically endless, however the current setup is rather restrictive.

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Accessibility standards dictate a header is used with every navigation instance on a page wrapped in an aside or section as appropriate for the occurrence.

Bumping my wish list item to be able to change any div to a tag. :grin:


Has anybody else noticed that attempting to copy a class tag from the side panel to paste in the classes window is about as reliable as a 1980s Skoda? For some reason it ignores what is copied and pastes in other randomly selected classes.

Hey Norm @Norm

I noticed when using setUIHidden with hidden : true on various controls - there’s a huge blank space where the controls would normally be. I guess it’s padding/margin that’s doing that. Could you clean that hidden display up?


Which ui elements are being hidden here?

Colorwell, Textfield, Checkbox

It’s back! :grimacing:

Are you seeing this issue too?

I haven’t tried the new beta yet. I’ll let you know though.

I do still have issues with half width elements. Maybe we need an invisible spacer. For example, when we want to add two halves (next to each other) after a title.

I am just trying to update a website and wanted to add some new information with a picture on one side and text on the other at LG or MD, then break down for mobile. Basically it’s an ideal case to use CSS Grid, but I’m struggling to set the order as I would like on mobile.

At the moment I have text, image, image and text. I would like it to appear as image, text, image, text. When can we expect to see some documentation on this and better still some video guidance? It seems to have been left to one side as a feature.


I am probably Blocs CSS Grid 's biggest fan, but I feel it needs finishing off and I would be in favour of additional CSS Grid control being duplicated or ideally moved into the side bar on the right. Being able to configure a CSS Grid in the Class Mabager is a super powerful feature, but it demands a good understanding of CSS Grid and may be beyond most. I find debugging a Blocs CSS Grid layout by having to inspect the Class Manager for each BP is overly complex, time consuming and just more difficult than it could be.

The Edit mode preview also can’t really cope with anything with complex column templates and trips up and corrupts the column labels, e.g. when commas are used. Ideally a way to turn the column labels off would be a positve step as the labels just get in the way, and can be missing or wrong, in my experience.

When CSS Grid gets done right, it becomes a very popular topic and I just don’t see any discussion about Blocs CSS Grid yet.


Yes IMO, CSS Grid and Flex are important to modern website design.

I’m not convinced moving controls from the Class Editor into the Inspector is going to make it easier to understand or use. Maybe a little easier to find for those new to Blocs, but it’s current implementation keeps the UI streamlined for beginners.

I think css Grid has a very unique approach and does have a learning curve regardless of which app you use it in. Currently, we’ve attempted to keep what you see on the canvas simple and added all of the fine tuning complex stuff in the Class Editor.

I agree it’s not perfect and definitely needs more refinements. I also agree some Blocs documentation on the grid would help, but it’s such a hugely flexible technology it’s still unlikely we can cover its full potential.

It certainly would.

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