Blocs for Mac V5.2.2 - Beta Build 1

I installed the Bric and removed the “old” .js file from the project settings and it has the same result. I had to go through the page settings of all 12 pages of the project to see where Blocs had attached the same .js file. It was done on 2 pages.

Updating a Bric and having to verify all your project pages individually is cumbersome.

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If the Bric is in the Global Area the attachment will be in the project attachments, like the green notification states, not page attachments. If you have multiple instances of this Bric in the project you could see duplicate file resources.

Any chance I could get both versions of the Bric to try at my end?

At any point had the Bric been used on a pages dynamic area rather than in the Global Area?

And how old is the project? There are various issues that are now patched that caused leftovers when moving custom Brics between the dynamic and global page areas. It could be that these attachments have been there a while caused by a now patched issue.

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Just logged in to say this very thing. I will get you a copy in the morning, it’s late here. You have the previous version I think.

Attachment are showing up in page settings even when the bric has only ever been in the global.

Do we need some sort of flushing method?

Offcanvas Helper was launched in Nov 22, it was last updated (1.1.3) in Aug 23

EDIT: HAHA it is late here :zzz:, sorry you were talking about the project, not the bric

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That’s a 300% no. :grin:

The project dates back to November '22

I am just pointing out that the old file was not attached at all in the project, and yet it was still showing in preview. As shown above in pictures.

I understand page and project attachments.

It’s not every project either. I have had no issues during dev, until I had to update the existing project, using the steps I have mentioned previously.

I know at least one tester who has a site up live, and it’s working correctly. They just had to remove the old js file.

Coming back to the UI issues in the Bric Builder. :man_facepalming:

The half width Text field messes up when a value is added (no hidden fields here, I just added some tick boxes to a new bric). :grimacing:

CleanShot 2024-02-14 at 12.37.44

Thats fixed up and ready for next beta.


Interested to know how you are doing that, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts?

Could you share some examples of what you mean?

Thats interesting, so the original Bric install would have been in Blocs V4. Out of interest, do you still have Blocs version with an older version of this Bric?

Interesting, I wonder if the page attachment API call is being used?


This would insert the attachment into the currently active page even if the Bric is in the global area.

I copy a bloc on one page with a keyboard shortcut cmd + c then switch to another page and paste with cmd + v. That part is fine, but if I then try to move the position of the bloc using the opt + cmd + arrow it fails to move the bloc. The page just scrolls to the top or bottom instead, depending on the arrow direction. If I do the last part with the menu options though it works as expected.

The curious part if that if I copy/paste a bloc to another page, then click on the desktop first before trying in Blocs the keyboard shortcut works correctly, so it seems to be focus related.

Typically this works for me. I’ll keep trying

It works fine generally, but seems to be a problem if I paste a bloc to a new page and then try to move the pasted bloc.

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To help troubleshoot with custom Brics, I’ve added automatic API debugging in the next beta. Select a Bric and it will light up with all calls made, on initiate and throughout it’s usage.

I think this will help to track down potential issues and lower confusion on their causes.


the default debug API call can still be used for custom stuff, but almost all of the main API calls trigger a console log now.


Yes, I still got it :grinning: I’ll flip it over to you.

Hey, @PeteSharp, Your call here :grin:

That should be handy. I will see what happens.