Blocs for Mac V5.2.2 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone, here is the second beta of Blocs for Mac V5.2.2.

Some fixes for horizontal scroll containers, better debugging for custom Brics and a bunch more bug fixes here and there.

Happy testing :beers:

Download Blocs Beta Build 2

p.s new version of site search Bric went live today with a bug fix in it.


when a bloc has a class with a bg image set to fixed the scrolling with the mouse wheel on the canvas still doesn’t work.

I just loaded a project, after reverting the attachment name to the original. Removed the the old one from the project settings, and so far it’s working smoothly. If this works I can keep the file name the same on release and hopefully that means a seamless update experience for everyone. :smile:

I have to do some more testing over the weekend.


Good to hear.

Im still trying to think up a good solution to this problem.

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That sounds promising :beers:

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Hey @Norm,

So I dig up an old project to test. The bric updated as it should in the project, but I am still left with a double up in attachments. The only difference I see is the bric naming at the end of the file? I assume the second one is the new one.

  • I will send you this project, with the same version Offcanvas Helper.

The Offcanvas bric (v1.1.2) that was in the project was updated on 17 Feb 2023

What do you think, if we just had a flag we could set, that flushed all attachments / resources on update and replaced them with whats in the updated bric. eg. At the moment, If you removed a resource in an update it remains.

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@norm, I had a crash.

New project, only had some empty divs on the canvas I was adding classes too and 2 brics that are new and unreleased. But they arn’t technically doing anything, as this is just the test project being setup for their dev.

I was pasting a class in the class box (right panel), what ever you want to call it.

Crash log: (13.0 KB)

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@Norm If you check the PM chat regarding preview issues, that is fairly serious.

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Prior to the update did the Project attachments have these duplicates? Did you check for that as duplicate custom Bric attachments was common in older Blocs projects prior to all of the improvements and fixes.

Hey @Norm,

Any news on this :arrow_heading_down:? :thinking::grin:

Spoiler alert according to Chat GPT :man_technologist:

The image you’ve provided appears to be a user interface from the Blocs App, which is a website builder for macOS. From what is visible, we can see a dark mode interface with a sleek, minimalist design showcasing a central toolbar with various icons. Here’s a breakdown of the icons and what they might indicate about the upcoming release:

  1. Trash Can Icon: This likely represents a delete function, allowing users to remove elements or sections they no longer want on their webpage.

  2. Left Pointing Arrow: Typically, this symbolizes an undo action, enabling users to revert to the previous state before the last change was made.

  3. Three Horizontal Lines (often referred to as a hamburger menu): This usually indicates a menu or panel that can be expanded to show more options, possibly for page elements or settings.

  4. Crossed Tools (hammer and wrench): This is often associated with settings or tools for customization, suggesting advanced options or editing capabilities for website elements.

  5. Up and Down Arrows: These could represent the ability to move selected elements up or down within the page structure, or to navigate through layers of the website.

  6. Image Sign: The presence of this icon suggests that the tool may offer a simplified and intuitive interface for users to add visual content to their webpages, which is a core feature of website design. The plus sign typically indicates the addition of new elements, so users can expect to have the ability to easily integrate images into their layouts, potentially with drag-and-drop functionality or more streamlined image management features.

  7. Plus Sign: Generally, a plus sign is used for adding new elements, such as text, images, or new sections to the webpage.

Welcome to the world of :magic_wand::tophat::mage:

No, fully working project with no issues.

@Norm, I have sent you the older project, with Offcanvas Helper 1.1.2 Bric.

Obviously having this resolved solves big pain points when rolling this out, not to mention a lot of time wasted. And its ready to roll out, besides this headache.

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oh I forgot about that, looks cool whatever it is.

Don’t distract him :rofl:


I notice that the update info window is hard to read in light mode. :upside_down_face:

Edit: Seems easier with an enlarged cropped image :smile:

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got this fixed up.

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Using your project and installing the original version of the offcanvas Bric and then updating it (which I’ve tried multiple times) I never get double resources, so it looks like this is not an easy to replicate issue. Still not sure on the cause, but I’ll keep looking.