Blocs for Mac V5.2.4 Beta Build 3

Here is the third beta of Blocs for Mac V5.2.4. This build introduces a few tweaks to the Extension Manager, some UX improvements and more bug fixes.

Happy testing :beers:

Download Blocs V5.2.4 Beta Build 3


Love these:
Update Check is no longer automatically run when opening the Extension Manager.
Added save page template to page navigator card options.
Update Check is no longer automatically run when opening the Extension Manager.

Even though I can’t use them, until the next release.

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Norm, is swatch reorganising coming to the Swatch Manager also and not just in the class editor?

The application crashed a couple of times upon launching a project.
I submitted the crash report.

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Yeah, lots of changes coming to Swatch Manager.


If you could send the project too that would be great!

I’ve been trying to make it crash since, and it’s hasn’t happened again yet… I forgot to save a snapshot of the project then.

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Any chance of fixing the glitch where it is impossible to move blocs via keyboard shortcut after they have been duplicated, either on the same page or from another? I first raised this three months ago.

EDIT: Now it seems it isn’t working with any bloc, irrespective of whether it has been duplicated.

I had a similar thing a week or two ago.
The bloc was there in the working area, I could select it, but not move it either with keyboard commands or dragging.
Wasn’t there in the layer tree.
Restart of Mac and it’s been ok since.

I just tried restarting the computer and it made no difference at all in this beta. It’s completely unresponsive via keyboard shortcut and I tried in a couple projects.

I then went back to 5.2.3 and that is just like I highlighted back in February with 5.2.2 b1 i.e it works normally, except when a bloc has been duplicated to a new page.

I’ll take another look. What’s held this fix back, is it’s not a regular problem, I still struggle to trigger the bug.