Blocs for Mac V5.2.4 Beta Build 4

After a little delay, here is the fourth beta of Blocs for Mac V5.2.4. A few new improvements in this one, almost ready for release.

Happy Testing :sunrise:

Download Blocs V5.2.4 Beta Build 4


TALK ABOUT DEDICATING!! Thank you, Norm and your entire team, for the changes, additions, improvements and corrections. Looks like the next release will have so great features.


No change with this beta moving blocs via keyboard shortcut.

Just checking, when you encounter this issue, do you have the main window active. If you have a sub window active such as the Asset Manager or Swatch Manager, the keyboard shortcut wont work. UI items such as search and text fields can also steal focus.

Next time you encounter this, try reselecting the main window by clicking on the windows toolbar and see if they shortcut starts to work.

Thank you :raised_hands:

It’s the supportive users like you that keep us going and wanting to make Blocs better.

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It’s the main window only without opening anything else. I can literally open a project, select a bloc and then try to move it up or down via the keyboard. On the betas it doesn’t work at all. On the stable build it works, except when the bloc has just been duplicated from another page.

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Thank you! Whilst our small team all have a valuable part to play in the business it is Norm who works relentlessly on the development of Blocs. Your appreciation is very much valued. Have a lovely day.

If you select the nudge option from the menubar does it work?

It works fine from the menu bar if I go to bloc > move up or down. It’s just the keyboard options that have become unstuck in these betas. I’m on Intel still until I have some clarity from Apple at WWDC on what is happening. This is running Sonoma.

Using this beta, I tried bloc up/down keyboard shortcut on one of my projects and works fine on my M2 Mac Pro laptop. I then loaded same project onto my Intel Mac Pro laptop and using this beta keyboard shortcut moving bloc up/down not working. Menu bloc move works fine. Both laptops on 14.4.1.

Hope this helps.



In that case, the minimum MacOS system requirements should explicitly state that Intel is no longer supported. Currently, they do not. Unless, of course, it’s a long-standing oversight.

Here is an issue that persists in this latest beta:
Working with Blocs Plus, creating an WP theme, if I make a page non-exportable, the page exports anyways. But on top of it some (not all) elements, for example an img, gets exported but the url to that image is a path to the local drive.


Must be an Intel only quirk for the Blocs 5.2.4 beta, because the shortcut works fine for me on the Intel official Blocs 5.2.3. Maybe the quirk(s) will magically disappear when Norm makes the official 5.2.4. :wink: Really, not a big issue for me, but I can understand how could be bothersome for others. I’m sure Norm will figure it out, just like he’s figured out many other issues. As always, thanks to Norm (and team) for all he does!


I’ll check that.

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HI @Norm,

Another thing that would be really helpful for developing for Wordpress: Currently if a class name contains an underscore, the Class Manager changes it to a hyphen. There many Wordpress plug-ins that use underscore in the class names. As such there is no way to define classes in the class manager, but only in the code editor.

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Something seems to be not right.

I’ve reported this one before. If you use underscores, which is very normal for selector names, and then edit the selectors the class manager strips the underscores and changes them to hyphens. Essentially breaking your CSS structure and causing excessive work. :man_shrugging:

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Regarding that notion, shouldn’t Apple first declare this? By contrast in reality it’s gonna be a few more years before Apple completely sunsets the last few macOS versions that will remain receiving updates and still support Intel. Thus such a decision would be detrimental to both small and large macOS app developers to preemptively remove support before Apple does and alienate users.

Eventually, sooner than later, I’m sure all parties are anxious for that day to come.

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Maybe @Norm can fix this on the next release, like v3.2.5, as it looks like the release of v3.2.4 is imminent.

I’m working on some Wordpress theme bloc template that I’d like to launch on the Blocs Store sometime this year, and I would like to add class support for some plugins, however some of them use underscores in their class selector names.

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