Blocs for Mac V5.2 Beta Build 12

While it’s not a big issue I don’t believe it should be the developer’s responsibility to determine the length of my classes. :grin:

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I have seen the same issue with missing fonts with the “!important”, in previous versions, but it was not consistent and hard to report. Additionally, if you did try fixing the issue, it would say that the font was already installed.

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When I add a video to the locally to the Asset Manager and I set to “autoplay”, it works.
Then I set the video as a remote resource to the Asset Manager, then the “autoplay” does not work. You have to click on the video for it to start.

Notes: I am exporting as a WP Theme, and the video is in the WP Media.

thats correct, its part of the theme so that resource will not be logged by the WP data base.

Hi @norm,

I got that, I my question was about autoplay. When it’s set as a remote resource, the autoplay does not work.

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Ok I’ll take a look.

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Found and fixed that ready for release.


BTW @Norm ,

Cookie consent v1.0.4 still doesn’t work in an Wordpress theme

Just got a crash adding a class. New project, only 1 bloc, and several Divs and a few classes with minimal to no styling.

Crash report. (10.4 KB)

Also I notice if you use underscore in your class names, and then edit the class name, blocs will strip the underscores and replace with hyphens. I would rather it didn’t do that :laughing:


@PeteSharp it might be related to this headline I just read:

EXCLUSIVE: A leading investor has predicted a global crash with experts warning the world economy is at risk as blocs emerge in a new Cold War.


Explains the devaluation in my crypto :joy:

I’m not able to replicate this at my end with the URL: https://../slpw/sitelokpw.php?sitelokaction=logout&page=

Blocs doesn’t do anything to the URL, it is left intact with no https being replaced by http.

Can you check the actual source code in a code editor to make sure this is not some kind of server rewrite doing this once the browser parses it?

It you are getting this in the actual source code in a code editor, then I’ll likely need a copy of the project file as its not a straight forward issue and potentially has a bunch of other factors that cause it.

Hey, @Norm.
It’s added by Blocs to the URL field:

It’s added to the exported project:


I’m not adding:

I’m adding:

So without the https://

Any chance you can send me a copy of this project please?

Considered as done. :grin:

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