Blocs for Mac V5.2 Beta Build 12

This will likely be the last beta of Blocs V5.2 as the fixes are beginning to mount up now, we will move to Blocs V5.2.1 mid to late next week.

Anyway have fun testing :raised_hands:

Download Blocs V5.2.0 beta Build 12

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The Kaden Template is stunning!

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So it must have been designed by @Helen :joy: :high_heel:

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The group container is showing on the canvas on the MD breakpoint the 2 blocs inside next to each other. However in preview/live they’re placed underneath each other. :thinking:

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With Apple releasing its new MLX framework, is there anything there for Blocs to take advantage of @norm?

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There’s definitely an opportunity to differentiate from competitors by being Silicon only. And it will be a good excuse to buy a new laptop :rofl: :computer:

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Hey, @Norm. There’s still a 1px line between Blocs showing its background.

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.bloc .container { 
padding-bottom: 0;

solves the issue.

Possibly. I’ll get reading up on that.


Hi @Norm ,

Probably it’s too late for v5.2.0, but could you add ‘orderby’ option to the WordPress loops? :pray:t2:

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I posted this in Beta 11 conversation, so re-posting here instead…

Hi Norm:

I was scrolling through the impressive list of new features (and fixes) and I don’t see a “Copy All” option for adding images to the Asset Manager.
We traded e-mails on this a while back, and I was hoping to see it in the 5.2 release.

Just trying to get this back on your radar.


Rich the Weather Guy

Oh no you don’t - I’m just now getting everything to work properly - there’s a ton of us that love our Intels - less churn is a good thing - we need to stay there for a few more years yet :wink:

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Come on, Intel Macs are in the rearview mirror, like jquery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clown_face: :smile:

I do still have my 16” intel MacBook Pro, I need it for the holidays, but I suspect I’ve lost more holding it this long :joy:

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Not sure why the class counter becomes visible as from the third class added? :roll_eyes:

When closing and re-opening a project on the same computer I’m getting a missing font error with !important. :rage:

And why do I get countless font duplicates and are new fonts used in the project not added? :thinking:

I hope not…

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I’m not even sure how your Mac is displaying multiple files with the same name in a single folder? That’s technically impossible :thinking:

Which font folder is this?

Browser inspector is showing this.

Hey, @Norm.

I’m adding a logout button to my project and setting the URL link to an internal file on a secured page.

However, when exporting Blocs has decided for me that I wanted to use the HTTP:// protocol.
I believe this is not right.

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Does the actual exported code reflect this in the files contained in the fonts folder?

The inspector is not something developers have control over, it’s controlled and managed by the OS.

My guess is, it’s a cache glitch or a reference to each instance the font file has been accessed on the page?

I’d need to swot up on the safari inspector tool.

It’s intentional, two classes will rarely be hidden in the scroll area of the class token field. Depending on class length, three and upwards is the point tokens may become hidden.

That’s a good question and I have been, unintelligent, overwriting the exported file several times. In short, I have no clue. :man_facepalming:t3: The missing font issue still persists though and newly added fonts to to the project are not exported.
For now, the exported file looks good (except for the missing fonts which is technically correct as Blocs is searching for a non-existing font which has !important in its name)

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