Blocs for Mac V5.2 Beta Build 9

Here is Blocs for Mac V5.2 beta build 9 with more fixes and improvements mainly focused around custom Brics and the Bric Bar :raised_hands:

Installing Custom Brics
This version includes a fix for errors caused by multiple Bric installs. It looks like at some point (possibly when I rewrote the install method to be multi-threaded), installing multiple Brics at once could cause broken installs, which would show up in the Bric Bar (sometimes as duplicates), when these “half-installed” Brics are added to the canvas it would usually crash Blocs, recently mentioned @Kassur when using Volt (not a fault of the Bric).

As well as the install fix, Blocs will now also perform a few additional tests during startup to catch these Brics that are not correctly installed and install them correctly, it will also prevent duplicates showing for installed Brics in the Bric Bar.

Next Beta will likely be Wednesday.

Download Blocs V5.2.0 beta Build 9


This could have been why I have a bit of fun implementing multi offcanvas in OffCanvas Helper :face_with_head_bandage: and NavPlus yesterday :joy:

I had the second offcanvas bric disappear in the layer tree, but still be visible in the canvas, but not doing anything. Then it just disappeared off the canvas.

I’m taking a break for a few days though. 20th wedding anniversary and all :partying_face:. So will test it out then and see if my code does work :joy:


I was working on a new test project with v520-b9 and the tree elements of a Bloc would not show as the dropdown caret was suddenly disappeared. I saved it and reopened with beta9, and the dropdown caret was still not showing. I then opened the project with 5.1.4 and the caret was there. Closed the project (not saving it), and re-opened the 520-b9 and the caret was back. That’s puzzling. :flushed:

The Page Navigator has decided randomly to remain empty.

Small Potato Ltd2023-11-21 at 07.28.26

Could you share a copy of that project please.

Is it permanently locked like that? Did you try entering a search term to see if that flushed it?

Done via PM

Think I just found this. If you see it again try scrolling up, looks like the vertical scroll is not being reset.

In Wordpress, when you create a custom which contains more than a single word, for example: My Posts

When you export with v5.2.0b9, the post loop returns “No posts found”

If you export the same project in v5.1.4 then WordPress crashes.

If the custom post name is changed to: MyPosts

The exported files by either of the above versions of Blocs, works correctly.

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Ok I’ll check that, I fixed a spacing issue with 5.2 it obviously still has a broken link somewhere in the theme code after export.

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When Having a Bloc hidden from export it creates a 1px line in preview showing its background.

Small Potato 2023-11-23 at 09.36.06

I think that may be excluded from export so its totally removed from the HTML. Does the HTML source still show the html for the excluded item?

Its hard to tell from the gif but could it be a Bloc divider?

Got this fixed up and ready for beta 10.

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