Blocs Forum is now SSL Protected 🔒


Hey folks, just to make you aware we have added an extra level of security to the forum so it’s now fully secured by SSL.



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HOW do I protect my sites? Is that a stylesheet action or how do I do that???


You will nedd to do this on your server with an ssl certificate for your domain.


@Anita as pixelwork mentioned you need to add an SSL certificate on your server, but you also need to change your address from http to https in the project settings, while ensuring that all links point to https resources. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to set up an redirect, so that any incoming traffic from old links is automatically redirected to the https version.

It may sound complicated, but if your web host offers Let’s Encrypt in the control panel it won’t cost you a penny and the whole lot can be done in 10 minutes.


@Flashman as far as I have experienced the change to https is automaticly done by the server as soon as the certificate is created and activated.
Important is that you make a frequent 301 redirection from to or the other way to avoid having to domains with the same content.
Let me know if I am wrong but this is how I did it on the server settings.


Every site I’ve built in the last few years has been https, so I automatically fill the address in project settings. If you have links inside the site pointing to http resources, such as remote images or even external web links they will need to be updated for secure alternatives or you risk seeing a warning that the site is not secure.

You really want all versions of the site pointing to a single place, so in my case I stick with and anything going to http or www is redirected to that primary location.


Thanks! y’all… it worked like a charm. I already altered the name in my site… into https, however did not alter it through other links on social media…

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If you set up a 301 redirect in your .htaccess you won’t need to alter incoming links from other sites. Anything arriving at www or http:// it will automatically redirect to https://