Blocs Icon too small in app switcher

Hi everyone,

I think I found a bug (here’s a wish to inclue a “bug” category in the forum)

When using the keyboard shortcut cmd + tab to switch between apps on the mac, the icons of all active apps appear in a row with a light grey bar behind them. The Blocs app icon is miniscule when doing this. This is new, I didn’t encounter the problem before.

Sorry for not providing a screen shot – it doesn’t seem to work while already pressing cmd + tab to switch between apps, Anyone else observing this behaviour?

Blocs v4.2.2., OS 11.4.

Edit: here’s a “screen shot” I took with my phone:

Hi, @SimpleText. The issue seems to be more a MacOs bug rather than a Blocs bug. Issue is already around for a couple of years as @Blocs_User showed in a thread several months ago.

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Hi @Jerry

thanks a lot, I hadn’t discovered that thread, so I started a new one. So let’s just wait for Apple to fix this, Blocs works fine in the meantime :wink:

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Had the same thing just the once with a Blocs beta icon, about a month ago, as far as I recall I just removed it from the dock and dragged it back.

OK now :crossed_fingers:

I have noticed that if I leave the Blocs App open all day, that icon in the dock grows smaller and smaller.


It has been over 3 years that this issue has randomly persisted for users. So waiting for Apple to fix it seems highly questionable. :–)

Though everywhere that it’s discussed everyone confirms that killing the dock fixes things when this icon issue does occur. Simply open the Terminal App and paste (or retype) the below Terminal Command then press Enter:

killall Dock

You will see a quick flash but after the issue should be resolved according to all user feedback that I have seen. It should in theory work. Since I believe the macOS App Switcher is derived from the so using the method above should work (though here some report it does not?). You could get more specific with grep via Terminal - but that’s a whole other more complex story. :–)

Let us know if that by chance does help to resolve your issue.

I also saw this Dock effect/ bug a few days ago again (I saw this already a couple of months ago.). The icon was only a few pixels in size, I just quit Blocs, and the little icon disappeared and the normal (in size) Blocs icon popped up again. This occurred both times with the Blocs4 app.

This is strange !!! Not had the shrinking Blocs icon for a few weeks, then I download the latest Blocs and read this and BOOM it returns! strange! only happens with Blocs, so wonder if it is Blocs related, if it was MacOS, would this do it to more icons?

It’s a very sporadic occurrence across various apps and macOS versions I believe starting with Mojave. It’s also not specific to only macOS native apps but also hybrid developed apps, etc. Have you by chance tried what I described above to see if it fixes it?

It just happened again, right now (Blocs v5.1.4, Sonoma v14.1).


And when it happens, it’s only in Blocs (4, 5). I haven’t seen this bug in any other app since it first appeared a few years ago.

I see this ALL the time in Monterey…

Rich the Weather Guy

It’s because we use icon states since Blocs V4 for the dock icon. I think there are other apps out there that have a similar issue.

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I tend to find this if I leave Blocs open for too long. A lot of the time I save projects and then just leave Blocs open until the next day or longer. I find a few random bugs when I do this. Restarting the app each day is probably best practice and does resolve a few niggles.

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