Blocs injecting PHP.. anywhere

Hi all,
I have a website with some dynamic elements using PHP which I can use the code snippet to insert.

however there are some instances when I need to be able to insert snippets of PHP in very specific areas. In this case, after the close of a column tag, but before the opening of another column tag.

is this possible in any way?



Hi @robcrouch

Yes, insert a Code widget after the column and insert your code there.


I’m not sure you have understood,

If I did that it would put the code inside the second colum. I would lile the code to be injected before for the start of the second colum tag (within the code)

Ok i didn’t realize it had to be that precise.
I think Norm has a new beta out next week that seems to be more open to this.


Ah ok, thank you!

I recommend placing the code manually after export.

The only way something like this is possible would be to add the lines of code through javascript and the code will be there on export.