Blocs Major Release UI Overhaul comes with a Price and Learning Curve

Is it just me or is BlocsApp UI gets a redesign overhaul each and every time there’s major release, making the app not as easy to adapt has a learning curve within each release?

When I first started with Blocs 1, It had an interface surely I had to get use to. Then came 2 it was a different, now with 3 its completely different surely for the better.

I would hope Instead of Blocs App focusing on Adding rich features to existing app its doing the complete opposite. Am I to expect this each and every time there’s a major release?

I’d wish Blocsapp would focus on adding more blocs rather than rewriting or redesigning the app every time. Im fine with 2 but it looks like 2 is phased out and will not be updated with newer blocs, basically there’s that dependency to upgrade and there’s a price associated.

For example, I use Hype 3 Pro and the developer will be announcing Hype 4 soon but being I have access to the beta its pretty much the same looking but with added functionalities on top of an existing UI making it at breeze to adapt to.

Same with Adobe Apps there’s little or no change to the actual UI some changes on top of it giving people the functionalities that werent there within the same UI.

Same with major release of Operating Systems, like form High Sierra to Mojave its pretty much the same ui its slightly tweaked UI. Surely under the hood its different does things a bit differently.

@norm is BlocsApp 3 going to be the release where you going to stop with the UI overhaul and focus adding on top of rather than redesigning each and every time?

:slight_smile: that’s been the situation for almost two years…

I can’t speak for Norm, but the underlying framework changed too (bootstrap 3->4) and there had been a number of requests for greater accessibility and control to the program.

There are a lot of good things in the new version so I’m not sure why the revision is such a problem.

The changes aren’t that big, are they?

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They are for me, I hate the tooltip pop out every time I want to add a bloc plus some other UI changes.

Im aware of the framework changes but its not a call for a redesign or overhaul is it? Why couldn’t it be on top 2’s UI?

I think once you continue to use 3 you’ll really see the advantages. Some of the beta testers said some of the things you mention when we started. I was a little overwhelmed the first time also. I’ve been testing it right along and now going back to 2 is a struggle.

I think Norm did a great job of giving users more choices while still keeping the core features in tack.

I think at times we all struggle with changes, give a chance and I think you’ll start enjoying using the app more than 2.



Hey @petester can you be more specific with your critique so we can discuss them. :slight_smile: I’m curious to know what is throwing you off? As an early adopter you should get used to early products changing considerably by version 3 and whole number version updates are usually dramatic, although welcomed.

IMHO this “redesign” is not as dramatic as you’re making it out to be in my opinion. You’ve been using Blocs since V1? Didn’t you wish for some of these changes like we all did? Didn’t you anticipate there could be an easier way to do some of these things? I don’t actually consider this a design overhaul. He added things that were needed and remove things that were not. The same paradigm for usage exists as it always did. contextual sidebars and collapsable widgets.

Frankly, I was surprised how much it does look the same, don’t let a simple sidebar throw you off (it’s so much faster, and it jives with other software that you are familiar with (i.e Adobe Apps). I am glad to get improved productivity. That’s a HUGE feature in my opinion. Whenever you “add” something (especially this much) you’ve got to make some layout changes and these are exceptionally well thought out.

Lastly, don’t compare Hype, it’s apples to oranges, Timeline software layouts are time-honored and not much has changed beyond adding new menu items. (See: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Principle, Keyshape etc.)
Don’t compare with any software that only needs to add a menu item to add a new feature, it’s just not fair.