Blocs Manual?

Hi All,

I’m still struggling with understanding and tweaking the finer settings in Blocs. I’m spending a lot of frustrating hours just trying to get things where and how I want them. I come from a Muse and Freeway background and could really benefit from a printed or downloadable comprehensive manual detailing every single setting and option available.

I find the knowledgebase too basic; the video tutorials too specific; the forums too slow to respond, and could really do with a detailed manual to look up specifics when required.

Are there any plans to create something like this? I’m sure your users would be happy to pay.


Hi @gman

I am sure everyone has struggled a bit in the beginning. This can even truer for people who have been using other similar software and try to use Blocs in the same manner they were used to. It’s like going from Windows to Mac OS, it is a whole new world.

That said, I find the online documentation to be fairly comprehensive and have used it many times to reply to people asking for help. In my opinion, a manual would not be more helpful. The issue is more about what am I looking for, and searching “correctly”. This is also searching the online forum and eventually opening a ticket. Having details of every single setting and available options will not make you more proficient. To be more proficient, you need to learn Bootstrap basics at least.

Additionally, since Blocs 3 is based on Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 4 documentation, tutorials, examples, etc… can be of used as well for fine-tuning. Another resource is the inspect elements in the Blocs preview which you can activate on demand and see the actual coding, classes (which you can then customise), etc…

And, of course, the videos from @Eldar (there are quite a number of free ones).

With respect to the forums too slow to respond, I note that this is only your third post since you joined in May '18 and your topics were rather general than specifically requesting help.

If I were you, I would try to use the forum more often. You would be surprised to see how many people help and assist others in a timely fashion.



Thanks for your reply.

It all makes perfect sense and I endeavour to post more to the forums in the future.

However, everybody has different methods of learning, and personally I’ve found comprehensive printed manuals have helped me immeasurably. Call me old fashioned, but I like a physical reference in front of me to dive into whenever I just need a little immediate help.

G :slight_smile:

Hi @gman

I understand and to be honest I have been downloading posts information and support documentation for my own use. That said, if time allows, I may create such a manual to assist others in the near future.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to ask your question here when you need help. If they are specific to your use of the application, people respond quite rapidly.


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