Blocs Master update + Free Tutorial

Hi guys,

I have released the new free update to Mastering Blocs 3 course, and I wanted to share one of the videos with the community.

The update includes 19 new tutorials covering the Menu in Blocs 3. I will add 2 more tutorials for multilingual and vertical menus in coming weeks. To learn more about this update, visit my blog.

The full list of tutorials in this month’s update.

Menu – 1. Menu Basics in Blocs 3
Menu – 2. Menu Manager vs Manual Editing
Menu – 3. Creating Multiple Menus in Menu Manager
Menu – 4. Appearance Customization
Menu – 5. Adding Buttons to Navigation Menu
Menu – 6. Creating Dropdown Menus
Menu – 7. Appearance Customization of Dropdown Menus
Menu – 8. Adjusting the Special (Mobile) Menu
Menu – 9. Active Page Menu Link Customization
Menu – 10. Optimizing Menu for Mobile
Menu – 11. Creating Mega Menus in Blocs
Menu – 12. Hero and Sticky Navigations in Blocs 3
Menu – 13. Appearance Customization of Sticky Menu
Menu – 14. Combining Blocs to Create Scroll-In Menu
Menu – 15. Creating Image Sliders with Transparent Navigation
Menu – 16. Creating Image Headers with Transparent Navigation
Menu – 17. Appearance Customization of Toggle Icon
Menu – 18. Changing the Alignment of Toggle Icon
Menu – 19. Creating Double Menus in Blocs 3

Menu - 20. Building Multilingual Websites in Blocs 3 (coming in September)
Menu - 21. Building Websites with Vertical Navigations in Blocs 3 (coming in September)

Check out the free video tutorial I’ve shared on my YouTube channel.

If anybody has any questions, please let me know, and I will do my best to help you.



@Eldar thank you so much for all the time you have put into making your tutorials. Anyone that is using Bloc and has not seem what you’ve done for us is missing out.
Lifetime membership worth it!


Thank you @KBConcepts

Without a doubt over the coarse of Blocs the most asked about feature has been the navigation. This series of videos @Eldar just released takes the guesswork out of probably the most important feature in building a website.

If you want to learning everything about navigation and Blocs then purchasing Bloc Master is the best investment any Blocs user can make.

Thank you @Eldar for sharing free and paid content. You are the Blocs Master.



Thank you, a lot more to come!