Blocs Plus and selecting WP Logo

I’m trying to figure out how to implement/include the logo defined in Wordpress’s theme customizer in the theme I’m creating in Blocs Plus 4.
I’m able to find Site Title and more, but haven’t figured out how to make use of the logo I’ve added in Wordpress’ Theme Customizer … Any hints/help?
This should be possible? :grinning:

Uhm, is the answer so obvious that I should have seen it, hence no answer? Or can’t image/logo in Blocs Plus 4 be linked to the Wordpress source? (The logo defined in Theme Customizer.) :thinking:

It’s very simple, I don’t see the problem, from blocs set the logo then you can change it from wordpress

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Wonder why it doesn’t work for me, then …

Oh, as long as I didn’t replace the default logo, it didn’t work. But as soon as I chose my own logo from assets in the Blocs project, it started working in the Wordpress theme. Works now. :innocent:

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