Blocs Plus V5 Upgrade Page not working


Blocs Plus V5 Upgrade Page is not working from within the app. It gives 404 Page not found error…

Has anyone been able to upgrade to Blocs Plus V5 using the app or some other link…


I upgraded from Blocs Plus 4.5.4 to Blocs 5 Plus. You have to be on this version of Blocs to get this option to display the upgrade in preferences. Hope this helps…

Read More:


I also just upgraded as per instructions on and it worked fine.

The only nuisance was, when I installed the new version on my Mac, it told me it has a newer version already (which is wrong, it had an older version already installed).
Nonetheless I chose to overwrite the existing version, and that went smooth enough.

Note: If you have existing projects in the old app, do not overwrite :slight_smile: - instead keep both.

PS just found this in the forum:

That seems to automatically do the job? However I’d not know how it even knows that you did indeed purchase v4 before
Perhaps with the email?

Thank you for this post, but it’s hard to understand, and this morning the upgrade guide arrived at an address that is not a registered address, it hasn’t arrived at the registered address, the security is very distrustful.


I have Blocs Plus V4.5.4

Screenshots attached…

Press refresh in your browser, the page is cached.

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I cleaned my cache/history and boooom it was there!

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This seems like one of those secret key combinations that activates the Developer mode in Android phones :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: