Blocs Plus

@Norm I just found out about Blocs 4 (and upgraded to it) and I was very surprised with everything that it does. It’s a pretty amazing tool (not that it wasn’t before) I appreciated the addition of the AutoSave feature… I remember the trouble I had back then, and just for that alone, I upgraded to 4…

I am also very impressed with Blocs Plus but was a little dismayed that it only supports theming WordPress, which is kind of bleah. I know a lot of people use WordPress, but I wanted to know if you could add support at some point for Craft CMS or exporting to twig at least, even would be a huge thing for me and many other developers that use Craft for their CMS framework of choice.

I hope you can consider this as a future feature on Blocs Plus. As a web developer, my personal preference is Craft CMS. It’s a fresh breath of air to work with and requires very little to no time for ramping up with the platform. While WordPress wins in the apps and community support, Craft CMS is still the content king with it’s improved performance, security, and flexibility.

Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

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@Norm Any thoughts or feedback on this request?