Blocs / Pulse CMS / Customer wanting to make changes & host themselves

I am doing a bid for a possible new web client and have a question.

This customer wants to host their own site on Go Daddy and be able to make changes to their site. Is this possible with Pulse CMS? I’ve been reading about Pulse and it seems like I would have to upload it to the clients server in order for them to be able to make changes. That doesn’t seem like a viable option to me.

I’m curious how others solve the “I want to be able to make changes to my site” you get from customers?

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I’m looking forward to the answer to this. I read so many post about how many issues there are with CMS and Blocs.

I’m not sure I understand the question - I have used Pulse CMS in a lot of websites.

  • The “Pulse CMS” files get “uploaded” to the same place you upload the website itself.

So if you are building it in Blocs, whatever hosting (in this case I assume GoDaddy) you are uploading the files up to, is the exact same place you upload the Pulse CMS files

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Sorry, I have been away from my computer for several days and missed this reply.

So, my customer wants to host their site. I would send the website files to them, but would that include the Pulse files also? From what I’ve read in other posts, it can be a tricky installation. I don’t think this particular customer would be up for that.


Hi @annette0216
And when you said to you client that you will do the installation on the server ? So he can give you the password and so on …and after installation he will change the password …I think it is not a big problem to install pulse on the server … But the question is what thing your client want to change on the page …because to set up your blocs project that it works perfect with pulse is not so easy …but it works …
For my clients I only set samt text blocs they can change and a blog system …that works good for me and my client :blush: