Blocs + pulse compatability issue

As much as both blocs and pulse are great, it is very painful to deal with the compatibility issues.
Its hard to tell whether it is a blocs issue or pulse issue. All i know its frustrating to deal with the constant problems.
The blocks I have wrapped with pulse are not displaying on the website and I also see lines on the website.

this the outcome with lines and the block images not displaying.

This is how it is supposed to look:

What version of Blocs and pulse are you using?

blocs 2.6.0 beta build 7

Do you have a live link?

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Any update Norm on resolving this issue?

The lines @kwakukwaku appear only to the logged in user (you as Admin or Editor) which indicate which is editable. You can double click and start editing that content from just looking at the site.

If you view the site not logged in, they won’t appear. If you don’t like the lines, you can change the setting in settings:

Select “none” here.

In Pulse 5.1BETAs those lines are now grey and a better editor and blue lines:

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And the images seem to be linking to your HD?

If you use the latest Blocs BETA this should be fixed I think (2.6.0):

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The images are linked to my hard drive, and Yes I am using the latest BETA 2.6.0-beta-build7

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So how do I resolve it to display the images?

I’m not sure @kwakukwaku - I’ll need to check.

Could you try adding new images to a new project and see if it’s working?

still the same…they do not display.

Ok in that case I guess a fix in the next Blocs BETA release will fix it. You’ll need to report this as a bug to Norm which can be found under the main menu - Help > Contact Customer Support.

Any update on this?

Are you using Blocs 2.6 and Pulse 5.1?
Did you report via - “Help > Contact Customer Support”?

2.6.0 shouldn’t be adding local images to your project so you will have to send in more information via support so that your files can be looked at specifically. Thanks!