Blocs Pulse gallery images not showing

I have created a Pulse gallery in Blocs but images are not showing.
These are the steps I took:

  1. Created a Pulse tag inside a Blocs html widget with the following inside {{gal:portfolio}}
  2. In Pulse I created a gallery named portfolio in the media folder and uploaded an image
  3. When I view the page in Safari all I get is a box with a ? inside it.

Here is the page in question:

Anyone suggest how I can get the image to show?


Looks like a path problem:<?php%20echo%20$path;%20?>/content/media/portfolio/bled.jpgFailed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hi richard, the path is wrong, webdeersign is right but i can see the picture is IN the content of the Pulse folder, so the pulse gallery seems to be OK

I believe you make the mistake in Blocs, try this:

go in Blocs to your page called portofolio
create a NEW bloc
in this bloc you drop a HTML bric
click the HTML bric, then sidebar the button 'Edit Code’
there you put {{gal:portfolio}}
then save and export for pulse and upload to your server
must work now :slight_smile:

you are NOT able to see the online pictures when you work in blocs, its just a bric with code

good luck

Hi Sandy,
That is exactly how I created it already.
Just had this reply below from Michael Frankland which fixed it:

Will look into this for a fix in the next version…

In config.php can you put a space in the line which has $path in config.php to make:

$path = ’ ';

And not:

$path = ‘’;

Hello everybody

I am currently testing our site. Unfortunately we have found a problem. The pictures do not have the correct path. We use Pulse 5.1. What are we doing wrong or is there a tip that can help us?
The website can be found at the following URL:

Thanks for your help in advance